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Posture and Wellbeing

Pre Exercise Stretching – Why You Should Stop Immediately

Published on 4th August 2017

We will occasionally get questions from patients regarding the benefit stretching, or it will come up in conversations about what is happening outside of the office with regard to physical activities. It seems that the conventional wisdom is that stretching
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Feeling Exhausted Is Not Normal – Here is Why

Published on 8th May 2017

Find out the difference between being tired and exhausted   Why is it important? You probably know the feeling all too well: you’re having a busy day and you feel tired. You just want sleep. You give in, take a
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Did Your Workplace Assessment Help? – Pain & Posture Wellness Centre

Published on 2nd May 2017

I’m in pain when I’m at my desk Yet, I just had a workplace assessment. What’s going on? Many of our patients note that their pain levels increase while they are sitting at their desk, be it at work or
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You’re getting a new body – How long will healing take?

Published on 10th April 2017

Common Misconceptions, Part 3: The body unwinds in one go In this series we are discussing common misconceptions that we come across in our offices on a daily basis. Click here to find the introductory post to the series, and
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I Just Need This One Bone ‘Cracked’ – Pain & Posture Wellness Centre

Published on 3rd April 2017

Common Misconceptions, Part 2: Bone Goes Out of Place, We Put it Back, It Pops Back Out In this series we are discussing common misconceptions that we come across in our offices on a daily basis. Click here to find
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Holistic Body Correction – A Team Effort

Published on 25th March 2017

We are responsible for how you leave. You are responsible for how you return. This is the introduction to a series of blog posts discussing common misconceptions about what happens during and after a treatment with Advanced Biostructural Correction™. In this
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Fibromyalgia Part 1: When everything just hurts and no one knows why.

Published on 23rd February 2017

Learn about the underlying cause of fibromyalgia and how Advanced Biostructural Correction™ can help Fibromyalgia is a debilitating collection of symptoms which severely limits patients’ quality of life. The word is a combination of the Greek terms fibros (fibrous tissue), myos
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Bad posture – lifestyle objects, fashion, Disney, and Santa

Published on 15th February 2017

When did bad posture become so normal that it got ingrained into our culture? This might seem like one of our more light-hearted posts. In it we shall look at how bad posture is not just propagated but almost idealised
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Migraine, Tension-Type and Cluster Headaches

Published on 1st February 2017

Find out how structural body correction can help Headaches – general background Headaches are one of the most common complaints encountered in traditional and complementary healthcare. We at the Pain & Posture Wellness Centre see headache sufferers on a daily
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Scoliosis: There is Hope!

Published on 5th December 2016

A guide to the causes of scoliosis and treatment solutions that work What is scoliosis? Scoliosis looks like a sideways curvature of the spine. When viewed from behind or from the front, the human spine should be straight. Viewed from
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