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How the way you sit, stand, or sleep can either help or hinder your journey back to health

Find out what everybody else has been missing about chairs, shoes, and beds

Health-conscious people often invest considerable time and effort into making decisions about which office chair to get, which running shoes to buy, or which mattress to invest in. The way we sit, stand, or sleep can have a profound impact on our postural alignment. When you hear this, you probably think of slouching at your desk or hunching over your smartphone. And yes, this is part of what we are going to talk about. But chances are that your chair is causing you to slump, rather than you causing your body to slump.

If we sit, stand, or sleep incorrectly, our spines change over time. This can eventually show up as pain. In other words, your seats, shoes, or pillows/mattress may be behind your symptoms. If this is the case, we can advise you on what changes to make. Very often, a tiny bit of tweaking goes a very long way to support your body better and to speed up your healing journey.

We can help you help yourself 

Our teams are passionate about helping people get out of symptoms. We want to ensure progress is steady so you can enjoy a pain-free life as quickly as possible. Therefore we want to share simple yet revolutionary pieces of advice related to certain lifestyle activities. The way you sit, stand, or sleep can either help or hinder your progress back to health.

Getting your body healthy requires a bit of teamwork.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible service while you are in our office. At each visit, we correct a few more things and unwind your body to a new level of health. We are responsible for how you feel when you leave our office on a given day. You should feel clear-headed, upright, and bright. Each time, the bar gets set a little bit higher as your body heals old injuries. Each time, the way you leave is your new normal. With each treatment, your body improves and heals a little bit more.

What we don’t want to see is setbacks caused by everyday activities. We want your body to progress, not to take a couple steps back. And we certainly don’t want you to inadvertently do something that can undo the progress you already made. Of course, nobody messes up their body on purpose.

But that latest flare-up of symptoms could well be related to your chair. Or to your shoes. Or to the way your bed is set up (mattress and pillows). 

Here we share some simple steps for how you can support your body better – at home, at work, or while you are out and about.


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