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In Detail:

Suffering from frequent and intense headaches is a truly debilitating condition.

Most likely it affects all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Like many of our patients who are suffering from headaches, you are probably tired of endless pain pills and treatments that aren't effective in the long term.

You have probably suffered for years and have seen just about every 'expert' there is.

Often, when the root cause of the headache is addressed the pain is relieved as well.

This is what we do utilising Advanced Biostructural Correction™.

If you would like to speak to us about your specific case please come in for a free consultation.

Diagnosing headaches

When patients come to our offices with headache complaints, we start by asking various questions about when the headaches started, what they feel like, where they are located in the head, how long an episode takes, and whether there is dizziness/nausea or light sensitivity. Depending on what our patients report, we carry out specific tests to see where the problem might be coming from, whether it is a neurological (nerve) problem that may need further investigation through specialist imaging or whether it is coming from a structural/mechanical problem in the spine – in which case there’s a pretty good chance we can help! We may also be able to advise when a nutritional deficiency may be the underlying cause.

Headaches and body structure / posture

Very often headaches are caused by structural or mechanical distortions in the bony structure of the body, mostly in the spine. Because this is such an incredible common cause of headaches, our colleague Dr Jeff Aberle made a brief video to explain this. Check out his video on “Mechanical and Nutritional Causes of Headache”. Generally speaking, if bones get moved in a “forward” direction, the body purposefully pulls other bones out of place in order to compensate for the original problem which it cannot fix by itself.

If a bone goes out “forward” in your spine, your entire body leans forward above that point, your neck sticks out in front of your body and your head looks down into the ground. Your brain wants your eyes to be level with the horizon however, so your body purposefully pulls other bones out of place to compensate and achieve this result. You pull your head back and the muscles needed to do this become tight and achy. Your neck may feel stiff, too.

During this process, the nerve fibres that communicate pain to the brain may get stretched and misfire and thus miscommunicate information to the various pain centres in your brain. This is why you may feel pain around the eyes when the underlying problem is really elsewhere in your spine.

With Advanced Biostructural Correction™ we can reverse this process. We take care of the underlying problem, your body can start healing, it can relax the tight muscles, reduce the stretching of the nerves, and very often you will find your headaches a thing of the past.

If you suffer from headaches, whether it be migraines, tension-types, clusters, or just the odd common headache, schedule a free consultation with one of our practitioners. We are here and ready to help so you can get your life back!

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