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  • Timothy Swindler

    Tim Swindler - MAO (manip.

    I stumbled across ABC™ back in 2004, when trying to find answers for a patient whose son was diagnosed with tethered cord syndrome. Having graduated from Chiropractic school 2 years prior, I wanted to help her prevent surgery. After much research we learned that ABC™ was her only hope. I've been studying and practicing this technique ever since.

  • Ashleigh Mulholland, PA

    'I absolutely love working with this amazing team.
    Seeing patients get better is very rewarding.'

  • Richard Phelps

    Richard Phelps, DC

    I had been adjusted by a chiropractor since I was 3 years old. I was the 'poster boy' for Chiropractic. As a teenager my posture worsened to the point where I couldn't 'stand up straight'. Going through university didn't help that either. It wasn't until I learned ABC™ where my body started changing for the better. 

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