Why Us?

Why choose Pain & Posture Wellness Centre for you and your family? 

We have had amazing success treating thousands of people with structural pain.

As much as we like to stay humble we know, the treatment technology we utilise is groundbreaking and on the cutting edge of structural care. We witness its results daily.

We don't claim we provide the 'quick fix' for your pain. However, we completely stand behind what we do.

In most cases we can:

  • Relieve or alleviate pain (or symptoms)
  • Optimise your body's overall function
  • Heal old structural injuries which are still affecting you
  • Reach a point where no treatments are needed (there is an end!). We will provide an estimated end point at the third visit.

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ is undeniably the technique where the results are instantly visible and felt. We regularly take pre and post pictures to see results of one treatment or over time.

Please come in for a free consultation to find out if ABC™ is right for you.

Read our blog post for specific details about why and how ABC™ is different.

See you at your first visit!



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