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Many of our patients come to see us with sciatica. Sciatica is nerve pain going down the leg from the lower back. Classic sciatica pain is felt as a “nervy”, shooting pain, but numbness / tingling or weakness of the leg, foot, and toes may also be present. Sometimes there is pain in the low back in conjunction with sciatica, but not always.

The key to lasting pain relief is to address the underlying cause of the pain. At PPWC we achieve this using Advanced Biostructural Correction™. Once the core problem gets addressed and corrected, symptoms relieve and quality of life returns. If you would like clear answers and solutions for your specific problem, please take advantage of our free consultation.

Our goal is to get to the root of the symptoms and to provide lasting results.

You may feel like many of our patients in our Perth or Falkirk offices: the pain or numbness in your leg are not just annoying but they actually keep you from doing things you used to be able to do without pain. With sciatica, even putting on your socks may be painful at the moment. You’ve likely been to your GP, perhaps had an MRI taken, tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, or other forms of treatment. But the pain is still there.

“I felt like I was in my 70s when I was in my 40s. The pain stopped me enjoying my children. I had to roll out of bed in the morning. Now the pain is almost gone after a couple months of treatment.” Rachel S.

Your leg pain feels “nervy” or shooting, and the slightest thing can set it off.

Sciatica pain is coming from the sciatic nerve. This is the longest and thickest nerve in your body – it has the thickness of a pencil as it goes down your thigh! The sciatic nerve starts in your low back and travels down into your leg. As your spine gets misaligned, the nerve can get stretched. Any time you stretch a nerve, it functions differently. This can manifest as pain, pins and needles, or numbness.

The real cause of the pain can get reversed

Our goal is to take the stretch off the nerve so it can again function properly. We do so by checking your spine and re-aligning it where it needs to be re-aligned. Advanced Biostructural Correction™ addresses the underlying cause of sciatica and brings consistent and predictable results. If you are experiencing pain down your leg, take advantage of a free consultation with one of our certified practitioners.

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