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Back Pain, Poor Posture
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Poor posture correction
Poor posture correction
Advanced Biostructural Correction™

Iz A.

I can't recommend these guys highly enough! I went along thinking they might help with neck and lower back pain. I learned that the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I've lived with for 10 years could be helped, but was highly skeptical that I could even manage the treatment schedule as previously I would only be able to be active 3 days a week. 2 months later and I am now active every day, I have energy every day and my whole body just works better. Getting my life back, just as it says on the wall behind the front desk... thank you!

Robert H.

I went initially due to neck pain and severe headaches, the headaches were gone after only 4 sessions. Also having lots of small but positive changes to lower back pain and other various complaints.
Friendly relaxed clinic and very welcoming.

Diane P.

I visited the centre for the first time in mid January this year, after toying with the idea for months wondering if it would work. When I saw the FB offer I thought I'd give it a go as I had nothing to lose. Well I'm so glad I did, even after the first treatment with Gabrielle I felt so much better, been going now for about 6 weeks and my back pain has practically gone.

Previously after walking or just generally being on my feet for prolonged periods of time, I would sit down and try and relax, the most painful part was when I tried to get up from sitting again, at times I had to go on to my knees on the floor and try and get up from there.

Never once had to do this since starting my treatment. Gabrielle is a wee gem, and the other members of staff are so welcoming too, they make you feel like one of the family. 🙂
Definitely money well spent.

Alan G.

I have had cervical spondylitis for a couple of years and it has been getting worse with my neck stiffness and discomfort with headaches etc. My Doctor just told me to keep taking the anti-inflammatory I researched treatment myself and found the Pain and Posture Wellness Centre and the ABC method of treatment and correction.
I have only had 4 sessions and for the first time in 2 years I have lost that tightness in my neck and shoulders and slept much better. Gabrielle has been excellent and explained everything fully and I am committed to my journey ahead and the progress of unwinding etc. I know that it is a long journey and that there will be ups and downs......but I know that it will be good progress. It has also reduced my anxious feelings that came with that constant feeling of discomfort and sleepless nights because of it. Well done to Gabrielle and all the team for what you are doing. I will be recommending you to others who may be going through pain and discomfort etc.

Lee N.

I've only been to 2 appointments at the clinic but already it has made such a difference after suffering with back pain for many years I'd highly recommend paying a visit.

Lynn B.

Have been going to see Tim for a few months now and the difference is amazing standing taller and the pain is almost away would recommend this clinic to anyone with back problems they are fantastic.

Stephen S.

I was told by my doctor that it was sciatica and was sent to NHS physiotherapy. Eventually I couldn't walk without the aid of walking sticks and even then I couldn't go anymore than 2 steps without having to stop. I was a real mess. I couldn't move to wash, shave or comb what little hair I have. I was taking at least 30 tramadol a day and valium to dull the pain. To get a sleep sometimes an on call doctor would come to my home and give me a morphine injection. Then I met Richard and the amazing staff. What struck me right away about Richard is that he actually cares for the people he helps. The relief I felt just after my first days sessions was unbelievable. And by the last session I could not just walk straight but I was breathing and feeling better than I had for years. It felt like a miracle. No walking sticks or any pain at all. Over the course of my treatment I witnessed many people coming into Richards with walking sticks and in great pain and walking out unaided with a smile on their face. I would go as far to say that he saved my life and being in a wheelchair the rest of it. Now because of him I'm still pain free and have my life back. Miracles happen in Richards everyday. Try him you won't be disappointed.

Ryan Y.

After suffering from a lot of back pain and shoulder pain, sore necks the lot I started to just give up and tried to deal with the pain but I couldn't , I had been to doctors and physiotherapy nothing was working .

After just the first session at pain & posture the shoulders got treated and the difference it is in within just 10 minutes of the first session is incredible, can't wait to head back and get the rest of my back sorted

My advice is if you suffer from back pain or any pain in the body for that matter see about getting this done it works like a miracle.

Stewart M.

After years of back pain and lots of different treatments, I am finally making progress, thanks to the team.

Lisa M.

Loving the fact that my body is starting to feel its age again. These guys have worked miracles on me nearly two months without a single pain killer, big thanks to Richard, Sarah and Roy for all the adjustments even the ones I don't like to get help:-)

Jeordie K.

I seen the add on FB and thought ...I've had this sore neck and pins and needles whenever I'm sitting at my desk or putting my head on the pillow ,you know the way you try to crack your neck turning your head from side to side thinking your going to loosen it and free the trapped nerve .
Well I've been like that for a few years and it don't work does it ?. So the lady phoned me back after I had clicked my interest at 3 treatments for £33 i thought might help might not nothing to loose . I arrived at the appointed time filled in a form and Richard introduced himself to me , now in a sales person and i asked loads of questions but I'm like most people the main things i wanted to know before i let someone loose with my neck was , how much does it cost really , will it help me , and what will happen if i agree to the treatment . All answered in an extensive question and answer about my problem and yes it is £33 for 3 treatments . After a few posture photographs and body adjustments around an hour later i said goodbye see you next week not feeling much different .
Now slouching on the couch at home i started to think , I've no sore neck i can turn it without pain and hey no pins and needles and numb pinkys. When I went to bed no problem getting into any sleeping position great first time in years I've had no pain stretching my neck from side to side and no need to try and crack my neck to relieve the trapped nerve . It was Friday i went for treatment its now Sunday and I'm still feeling great I've sat at my workstation and no numbness in my fingers and no aches in my neck . SO SOMETHING CHANGED. I'm back to see them for my second treatment next Friday .

Nicola F.

Turned up a week ago with a back spasm and sciatica having been told at the hospital to cancel my holiday! After three sessions I'm tramadol free, pain free and packing for my flight on Thursday!! I'm so delighted and will definitely be continuing with my chiropractic journey when I return.

Nadia C.

Well impressed! Donata sure knows her stuff! After first visit where main part was questions and very little work the difference is amazing! Minimal pain after years of chronic neck pain, roll on next appointments!!

Colin B.

So far only been for consultation and limited treatment, but already noted a difference in posture. Tim appears to be really good and knowledgeable. Looking forward to further treatments this week. Made to feel so welcome by the reception staff - and the coffee was an added bonus!

Alan M.

Thanks big guy my life back on track ! The determination to sort my problem was so encouraging .My back was gone and I have been struggling , Happens every year laid up for weeks.....3 sessions in 24hrs and I'm mobile again ! healing hands whoa I have a whole new perspective on backs......why have I put up with this for years ! Cheers Alan

Paula F.

I went to Richard because I witnessed first hand what he did to my fiance, he was nearly paralysed by incorrect physio and after a month was back to his normal self,I can't thank the staff enough for what they did for me and my family. the picture on the cover photo alone shows how miracles do happen! thanks again

Katrina M.

Absolutely fantastic results after just a few sessions. Still got a way to go but these guys have a technique that no one else has tried with me and I have been amazed.

Erin M.

I was in so much pain before I went to see Richard & after a week I felt 10 times better! I was like a completely different person.. My back is so much better & I cannot thank him enough!! My posture is better I have heel chips in my shoes & they make such a difference never thought they would but I have no pain in my legs or lower back & it's all down to Richard!! & he's American who doesn't love the Americans?!! thankyou

John R.

3 sessions with Richard and for the first time in over a year my neck does not crunch when I turn my head. Hip pain is greatly reduced and I am starting to feel normal again (well as normal as I can be) Thanks man, you are a genius.

Claire S.

For the first time in months I have managed all my housework without breaks, hoovered standing up and can even load the washing machine. Little things people take for granted but until I started getting adjustments I have struggled with these basic tasks and it's only the beginning....great work!

Glen E.

I am living testament to there work . I was in so much pain yesterday and crippled at my work . With one appointment wow I can walk without pain and the thriving in my head has stopes going back again to get more of me sorted . Well worth a try

Maz R.

Todays adjustment has been a major break thru. I am completely pain free for first time in months. I can sit, walk, climb stairs, bend over all with no stiffness or pain. Thanks so much and see you Thursday

Grant L.

If, like me, you would like to resolve the underlying issues causing pain, rather than quick temporary relief, I can recommend PPWC in Perth. As an active individual with a physical job, I have found genuine improvement in quality of life since undertaking treatment. Be honest and detailed when describing your pain, and you can expect excellent service and explanations from Richard and Donata, with realistic goals and timescales.

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