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ABC™ Treatment Table (Pending Patent)


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ABC Treatment Table       ABC Treatment Table


  • Special Density Foam - 140kg/m3
  • Special Upholstery
  • Breathing Hole
  • Pop Out/In Wheels
  • Adjustable Head Board (up to 90°)
  • Adjustable Height (electric) 47cm - 96cm
  • UK Manufactured
  • Lifetime Frame & 5 Year Parts Guarantee (Excluding Upholstery)
  • 16 Year Average Lifespan
  • Hydraulic or Electric Operation
  • Hard wearing Anti-Microbal Vinyl
  • Safe Working Load 250kg
  • Hoist Clearance 130mm



  • 1.91m / 0.65m
  • Highest Height: 0.47m - 0.96m
  • Net Weight: 67kg (very sturdy)



£2200 + Shipping/Handling
£50 Velcro Strap (if required)

*For non EU countries a customs charge may apply*

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Order Form:


For more details please contact:


Review by Dr Dan Riesling, DC

The New ABC Table, My thoughts. 27 February 2017

I've been using the new ABC table, designed by Rich Phelps, for almost 3 months now. I simply love it. It's got all the right designs in all the right places. The PMR's are exact, in fact, many times it's been very hard to get an exact PMR without it – and you don't have to push as hard to get the release. The AMR's are quick and simple for the patient – they don't have squirm and move to get into the right position, it's automatically there. The lumbar treatments are so much easier on the back of the practitioner. The list keeps going! And I was surprised about it's very easy to notice strength and stability, once you start using it.
I love it so much, I'm working it out to get another one and I'll be selling my alternate table shortly. Now that I've started on it, I won't accept anything else but a table designed for us, ...designed for OUR chosen method, ABC. I personally guarantee that your clinic happiness will increase many fold once you switch over from a “Chiropractic” table, with all it's wrong designs, to one with all the right ones. You need it,... and I need a second one now. You're welcome,...for what you ask? For getting you to finally move on it.
Dr. Dan Riesling
Clearwater, Florida

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