New Patient Experience


  • 3 Appointments
  • 2 Treatments
  • Cost £89

If you are new to the clinic and would like to learn more about our treatment method, you may want to come in for a free 20 min. consultation.

Once we decide the treatments could help your condition we will schedule your New Patient Experience.

New Patient Experience:

Total Cost:£89 

This experience consists of three separate visits lasting about 2 hrs in total.

You will receive:

  1. Full Assessment of your History with Q&A
  2. Comprehensive Exam of Body and Posture (leave 1 hour)
  3. Two complete ABC ™ treatments
  4. Report of Findings and Diagnosis (leave 30 min.)
  5. Pre and Post Pictures

Read about the first visit here.

Among many, one of our goals during the New Patient Experience is to provide you with knowledge and a better understanding of what is truly happening with your body and why you are experiencing your symptoms.

Many of our patients had waited for these types of answers for a long time, having seen many different professionals about their complaints.

If you would like to book a New Patient Experience please Contact Us

We are looking forward to your first full visit!

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