3rd Visit


1. Checking Response to Treatment

2. Second Treatment

3. Gameplan for Correction


During your third visit we can discuss how you felt after your last treatment.

You should feel some relief or at the very least, a change in symptoms.

Any questions that come up will be answered now and the practitioner can solidify a game plan for your recovery.

We often take posture images to assess the effect on your posture, pre and post treatment.

The practitioner now has a good understanding about your specific case. He or she can give you a prognosis of how long it may take to accomplish pain relief, stabilisation, or complete correction.

This is also the time where finances are discussed.

It is our goal to make care as affordable as possible for you.

Don't forget to take advantage of the 10% discount off your first care plan.

The route to recovery has never been as certain!


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