2nd Visit


1. Report of Findings

2. Questions & Answers

3. First Complete Treatment

Please enjoy this demo video by one of our colleagues in the US!



By the time you come in for your second visit your practitioner will have evaluated the findings during your exam.

He or she now has a good understanding of your body and will be able to adjust treatment accordingly. The next step is to treat your body's unique structure and observe how it responds to the treatment method.

The treatment method we utilise is called Advanced Biostructural Correction™.

We have helped people, just like yourself, using this cutting edge treatment technology for many years.

ABC™ was developed in the US and we are working diligently on making it available to as many people as possible across Europe.

We regularly hold training seminars to advance this technique and bring it to the most amount of people.

During the hours and days after your first treatment you should pay slightly more attention to your body.

What is different?

What feels better or worse?

Often, people experience instant relief but then sit down somewhere or lay on the sofa only to find the pain returning. Should this happen to you please let us know at your next visit.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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