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Richard Phelps, DC 

From: Mt Laurel, NJ (USA)

I had been adjusted by a chiropractor since I was 3 years old. I was the 'poster boy' for chiropractic. As a teenager my posture worsened to the point where I couldn't 'stand up straight', as my mother told me to. Going through university didn't help that either. It wasn't until I became reacquainted with an old chiropractor of mine in a grocery store. He said he was doing something different and I needed to check it out. So I did. I went to his office later that week and got an ABC™ treatment! He took some pictures of me, sat me in a chair and did a strange manoeuvre with my head. If I didn't trust him so much I would have gotten up and punched him... but then I stood up and noticed immediately that I was standing taller and straighter! My mother was right, I should have been standing straighter. But she thought I was being lazy. I wasn't. It had to do with how my bones were lined up. When the structure gets corrected, the body works better. Come in and find out for yourself.

Karolina Jania

From: Wroclaw, Poland

Hello! I studied Physiotherapy in my hometown Wroclaw, Poland, for 5 years. I graduated in 2014.

After my studies, I went to Germany for 3 months to practice my skills.

This experience peeked my interest in manual therapy.

When I returned to Poland I completed several functional manual therapy courses. These included many techniques commonly found in Osteopathy and Chiropractic. During my internship, I developed practical skills. However, the initial excitement quickly faded, when I couldn’t find anything which would keep people in complete alignment.

It seemed that I fixed one thing, but another problem appeared. Then I moved to Kudowa – healing area in the Lower Silesia (region in Poland). I worked in a few Physio clinics and the hospital. I provided corrective exercises for children and

The task was to create an optimal program which would help with muscular imbalance. There were plenty of children with scoliosis, pelvis rotation, discrepancy in length of legs etc. What were the results? Sometimes, I might see what I wanted to see.

However, unless I strongly wanted to see improvement, I was unable to see any real difference during the 3 weeks of rehabilitation.
As a practitioner, I desire to see the result of my job.

In many aspects of my work I had seen massive progress, especially in neurological treatment of patients after a stroke. Yet, I had not found anything to correct the structure and posture itself.

Then, in summer 2018 I was lucky to meet Richard and be treated by him. I was shocked that my painful neck (after jumps during cycling) and the left upper angle of my scapula, was cured after JUST ONE ABC™ treatment. Richard had done something to my feet, when I stood up, I felt immediate relief!!!

Since then I wanted to learn the secret of ABC™ and started studying it. The dream came true and I became an ABC™ practitioner!

Rachel Scott, Practitioner Assistant

From: Scotland, UK

'I love working here, love seeing the changes in people love seeing people's lives getting better, love the fact that my life has improved so much from receiving ABC and love the fact I have met such awesome people along the way :)'

Also from Rachel (recently posted on SM:'I honestly love my job, but days like today make me feel so lucky... to see someone come in practically folded into herself and having to get a taxi as she is having so much difficulty walking and see her walk out like a 'normal' person to catch the bus with a huge grin makes it THE BEST JOB EVER!!!'

Susan Paterson, Practitioner Assistant

From: Scotland, UK

'I look forward to going to work as every day is so different. To see and chat about the great benefits  that people get from ABC treatment.  This makes for a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and I love being a part of it.  I look forward to a healthier future due to having ABC treatment myself.'

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