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Richard Phelps, DC 

From: Mt Laurel, NJ (USA)

I had been adjusted by a chiropractor since I was 3 years old. I was the 'poster boy' for chiropractic. As a teenager my posture worsened to the point where I couldn't 'stand up straight', as my mother told me to. Going through university didn't help that either. It wasn't until I became reacquainted with an old chiropractor of mine in a grocery store. He said he was doing something different and I needed to check it out. So I did. I went to his office later that week and got an ABC™ treatment! He took some pictures of me, sat me in a chair and did a strange manoeuvre with my head. If I didn't trust him so much I would have gotten up and punched him... but then I stood up and noticed immediately that I was standing taller and straighter! My mother was right, I should have been standing straighter. But she thought I was being lazy. I wasn't. It had to do with how my bones were lined up. When the structure gets corrected, the body works better. Come in and find out for yourself.


Rachel Blackwood, cert. ABC™ Practitioner

From: Outback, Australia

I came across ABC™ in my mid 20’s by chance. I walked in a patient and within 2 treatments I knew this was the missing piece I'd been looking for. Pretty sure they thought I was kidding when I asked how to learn it.

I come from a massage background but with a focus on neurological, spinal and mechanical issues. Like a sports therapist but much more in depth. I started massage at the age of 16 to manage my sisters’ pain… we share the joy of scoliosis, however hers ended in surgery and I manage mine with ABC™.

Some one asked me what my dream job would be if I could choose anything in the world? Thing is…. I already have it.


Piotr Albrycht, ABC™ Practitioner
From: Krakow, Poland

I finished two degrees at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow specialising in wellness and posture correction. They taught me a lot and they taught me well…. or at least that’s what I thought back then. Attending all classes and participating in all kinds of activities left me with plenty of smaller and bigger injuries and traumas on my own body. After a couple of years, I suffered with multiple herniating and bulging discs in my back. The threat of having surgery at the age of 24 pushed me onto a difficult journey which I would call ”re-educating myself”.
I needed to challenge a lot of beliefs I was taught. It took 3 years, 5 countries and around 60-70 different body practitioners to finally find ‘Advanced BioStructural Correction™’. Now, after two years of watching and learning what my body can and cannot do, I have moved to Perth to become a part of this beautiful PPWC team. I hope to bring 'light' into people's spines, bodies and minds. While I know it sounds noble, I would like to keep that mindset!


Rachel Scott, Practitioner Assistant
From: Scotland, UK

'I love working here, love seeing the changes in people love seeing people's lives getting better, love the fact that my life has improved so much from receiving ABC and love the fact I have met such awesome people along the way :)'

Also from Rachel (recently posted on SM:'I honestly love my job, but days like today make me feel so lucky... to see someone come in practically folded into herself and having to get a taxi as she is having so much difficulty walking and see her walk out like a 'normal' person to catch the bus with a huge grin makes it THE BEST JOB EVER!!!'

Susan Paterson, Practitioner Assistant

From: Scotland, UK

'I look forward to going to work as every day is so different. To see and chat about the great benefits  that people get from ABC treatment.  This makes for a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and I love being a part of it.  I look forward to a healthier future due to having ABC treatment myself.'

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