You are suffering from symptoms possibly related to your structure or nervous system.



Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue  

Other Conditions:

Often, patients come to see us with various symptoms.

Symptoms, no one is able to provide them with real answers for. Patients are frustrated and discouraged by their GP.

They are tired of taking medication, which has its own side effects.

Seeking and expecting answers from professionals is the right thing to do. It must be done in order to understand ones condition and be able to search for ways to improve it.

Many times, even the best GPs reach their limit of knowledge and the patient has to look for alternative solutions.

If you are considering a second opinion. If you are tired of feeling in pain and have a low quality of life, we might be the right place for you.

Even if you know the nature of your illness. If you have a diagnosis but the chances of a pain free life are slim to none, consider coming in for a free consultation.

A consultation with one of our certified practitioners will only yield more knowledge and information for you to make an appropriate decision. The power lies with you.

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