Shoulder/Hip Pain

You are suffering from shoulder/hip or knee pain.


'After suffering from a lot of back pain and shoulder pain, sore necks the lot I started to just give up and tried to deal with the pain but I couldn't , I had been to doctors and physiotherapy nothing was working .

After just the first session at pain & posture the shoulders got treated and the difference it is in within just 10 minutes of the first session is incredible, can't wait to head back and get the rest of my back sorted

My advice is if you suffer from back pain or any pain in the body for that matter see about getting this done it works like a miracle' Ryan Y.

If you are suffering from joint pain it is probably affecting many areas of your life. As many of our patients you may enjoy an active lifestyle and are now finding yourself unable to perform simple tasks such as getting dressed easily, walking up or down the stairs, bending over to pick something up, let alone gardening or walking for extended periods. Various types of joint pain is a very common condition we see at our centres. The key is to correct the underlying cause of your pain and we do so using Advanced Biostructural Correction™ as our primary treatment method. Over many years this method has been proven to help patients with minor and acute joint pain of various types. If you would like to get professional answers and advice on your specific case please come in for a free consultation.

These are some of the stories we hear from patients who came in suffering from joint pain.

All you did was reach up / bend down and it started hurting.

That seemingly trivial activity was just the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Your body was already structurally twisted up and mechanically not functioning at its best. A final layer of twisting got added on this particular occasion and your body was no longer able to compensate. That’s when things start to hurt.

I have a new pain in my knee that wasn’t there before.

It is very common for pain patterns to shift to different locations in the body over time. All parts of your body are working together as a single unit. If one section goes out of alignment, your body twists up to compensate for it. Basically, your body attempts to take some of the pressure and tension away from that original area. But in doing so, it shifts pressure to a new area. The muscles involved in this become tight and stiff. Your body then wants to provide relief for those muscles. To do this, it has to move the pressure and strain to yet a new area. The “old” area is still as twisted up as before, even though you may not feel it as much anymore.

Advanced Biostructural Correction™ addresses joint pain effectively and delivers very predictable results.

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